Our Team

DeW Labs is a multidisciplinary collective of engineers, designers, academics, and other professionals.  It also draws on the resources of the projects it incubates.  At present, members include:

Sandra Moen  | Executive Director |  Sandra comes to DeW Labs after serving as COO of Advanced Studies for Appropriate Technology, a nonprofit research firm dedicated to community development and humanitarian relief solutions using culturally and geographically specific, sustainable, environmentally sound practices.

Mouhsine Serrar, Ph.D.  |  Engineering and Design  |  Mouhsine is a mechanical engineer and designer who, after developing his expertise at some of the world’s top consumer products companies, has gone-on to become a serial entrepreneur in the social impact space, as well as an important critical thinker with respect to innovative humanitarian strategies.

Wong Kwang Lin  |  Anthropology  |  Kwang Lin brings academic rigour to DeW Labs’s emphasis on field work and human factors analysis in designing and implementing technologies for humanitarian applications. She has a background in social anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and experience in qualitative analysis and ethnographic fieldwork in India, Singapore and London. She has also been involved in advocacy and support for migrant workers and refugees in Europe and Singapore.

Hemant Lamba  |  Sustainable Energy  |  Hemant founded Ashden Award winner AuroRE (Auroville Renewable Energy), which designed and implemented solar, micro-hydro, and other small and medium scale sustainable energy solutions for rural development and urban renewal.  He coordinated relief efforts for a large swath of the South Indian coast following the 2004 tsunami.  He is instrumental in developing  sustainable energy policies for the Government of India.

Yoo-Mi Lee  |  Program Design  |  Yoo-Mi has designed and assessed scores of international technical assistance development projects, funded by USAID, USDA,  and other government and multilateral agencies.  She has done field work in both development and humanitarian relief contexts, as well as leading volunteer teams in a number of global projects for ServiceSpace.

Mark Jacobs  |  Social and Environmental Justice  |  Mark is a lawyer by training and experience; but he has done substantial field work in humanitarian relief, having worked in refugee camps, urban slums, and areas hit by natural disaster.  He has worked on refugee policy formulation projects for UNHCR as a member of Oram International.

Patrik Meyer, Ph.D.  |  Engineering and Conflict Resolution  |  Patrik’s training and experience are both broad and deep.  He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, a masters in structural dynamics from MIT and a Ph.D. from University of Cambridge in politics and international studies.  He also holds an M.P.A. in Development and Conflicts from Harvard University’s J.F. Kennedy School of Government. His fields of interest include improving the seismic performance of non-engineered low-cost housing.  He also continues to innovate approaches to ethno-nationalistic conflict management and bridging ideological divisions between Muslims and non-Muslims.